Hardwood Flooring Within The Home

Hardwood flooring, especially laminate flooring, has become more and more popular as times have moved on. It is a sign of a modern home and it is also more practical and convenient within certain rooms such as the kitchen or the bathroom. However, despite its convenience, it still needs looking after so you need to ensure that you have a decent laminate floor cleaner in order to keep it looking clean and tidy. Laminate Floor Cleaner The best laminate floor cleaner is not always the one which you buy from a store. It is possible and more cost effective sometimes to make your own cleaner and you should notice that it is just as effective as a leading brand. You may even be able to get away with using other household cleaners to clean the floor without damaging it which could save an awful lot of time and money. Before you start it is best to try out any new cleaner on an unnoticed piece of flooring. That way, if the cleaner does leave a mark on the floor it will not be noticeable and you will not have really damaged anything. Generally different cleaners suit different floors and if you are worried about which cleaner to use, you could always try asking the professionals. They will be able to tell you the best products to use and exactly how to use them. This might be extremely helpful in the beginning when you really have no clue as to what you are doing. However, the more experienced you get, the more you will be able to experiment with different products and methods. One tip that you should bear in mind is that if you leave water on laminate flooring for long periods of time, it can ruin it. This is because the water expands into the flooring and it causes it to rise and go soft. You can purchase waterproof laminate flooring but some homeowners do not bother and that is when problems arise. So if there is a spillage, always ensure that you mop it up straight away. If you do want to attempt making your own cleaner, many people have found that simple water and vinegar make a great cleaning solution. It has the ability to effectively cut through dirt and grease which makes it ideal for use in kitchens. Now due to the fact that excess water does cause damage if left, it would be a good idea to rinse the mop out as thoroughly as possible before using it on the laminate flooring. Overall it is always best to experiment and do your research as to the possible products you might be able to use on your laminate, before you actually use them. A quick mop a couple of times a day should help to keep it looking clean and clear.

Choosing The Right Flooring For Your Home

When remodeling or putting in an addition, you are faced with many decisions. Flooring happens to be one of those important decisions. What type of flooring will look its best and work its best in the particular room you are remodeling? You can choose from hardwood, carpet, vinyl or even tile. But before you rush out and buy just any form of flooring, there are many things that you should consider. When it comes to flooring, the two most important factors to consider before purchasing include how durable the flooring will be and how stain resistant and easy to clean it will be. Of course you will also have to weigh in how this type of flooring will be used. For instance, will it be installed in a room that receives heavy traffic? If so, the flooring will most likely wear down faster and be exposed to harmful elements such as dirt, food, and liquid spills. This needs to be taken into account when you are deciding which type of floor will survive the best. You should also pay attention to where you are installing your new flooring. For example, let’s say that you are buying a floor for the children’s playroom. In this case, you will need a material that can withstand a heavy beating. Feet will be pounding on this surface, bodies will be rolling over this surface, toys will be dragged across this surface and much more. It needs to be durable enough to survive all of these things. At the same time, you will want this surface to provide a soft fall since children will be parading all of it. A hardwood floor might not be as soft as you would like and it will also start to show signs of wear and tear quite easily. Carpet seems like the best match for such a room, but don’t forget that you’ll need something that resists stains and will be easy to clean up. If you are flooring a more formal living room, as opposed to a kids play room, you may want to go with something a bit more beautiful and less functional. Consider a beautiful hardwood patterned floor to make the room appear more elegant. There are many different options for wood flooring including both hardwoods and softwoods. Hardwoods are generally more durable and more resistant to damage from impact, but if you maintain your softwood floor it should last just as long. Other wood flooring options include plank widths, patterns, and stain colors. Kitchens and bathrooms require a certain type of flooring. You want to make sure that floors for these rooms are easy to clean, easy to walk on and durable. Try to avoid textured vinyl where dirt might accumulate in the crevices. Furthermore, tiles with white grout will be hard to keep clean so keep this in mind before purchasing them for kitchen and bathroom use. Overall, flooring is designed to enhance your home’s appearance and serve a functional purpose. Different areas of the home are best suited to specific flooring options. This may be due to safety purposes or perhaps it is because certain areas of the home can be significantly enhanced with particular floors. There are several flooring materials to choose from and it all depends on the quality you desire, level of maintenance, the amount of money you are willing to spend, and the overall appearance you are looking for. The most common flooring options include laminate floors, hardwood floors, bamboo floors, vinyl floors and carpet.

How Flooring Can Alter the Look of Your Home

Flooring is a very important aspect in the designing of a house. It can change the entire look of your home and you can create the effect that you desire solely by changing the flooring of your home. What many people tend to forget is that flooring is dependent on where your house is situated. This is because climactic factors play a definitive role in determining the suitability of different floors. If your house is by the seaside, then you should most probably go for tiles as they help in taking away some of the heat and providing a pleasant and cool feel to the house. On the other hand, if you are staying in a hill station or cold place, then wooden flooring is ideal as it brings about a cozy and warm feel to the house. Apart from the location, another factor you need to consider is the monetary angle. If you have a restricted budget, you have relatively lesser choices in choosing flooring. This need not disappoint you. There are so many options available both in retail stores and online that you will not have to settle for an inferior quality flooring to accommodate your budget. You also need to remember that opting for very low quality stuff will have more negative consequences in the long run in terms of maintenance. A small amount of research will help you here. You also need to do some study on whether the flooring matches the furniture and overall look of your house. Depending on your personality type, you can select the color of your flooring. If you are the vibrant types, then you can go for colorful or bold flooring. If you are the introspective person, then something more sober and elegant might suit you better. If you cannot make up your mind about this, then it is better to take the help of an interior designer. All in all, it would be advisable to ponder over the points mentioned above before choosing on the flooring of your house. There will be cases when you have to disregard the sensible course and follow the desires of your heart. For example, if you have a passion for wooden flooring then it makes sense to go for it, irrespective of where you stay. All you need to do in this scenario is to pay more attention to the maintenance of the flooring. Generally, people have a preference for wooden flooring. The only detriments here are the cost and amount of maintenance required. If the wooden look is what you aspire, then you could also consider laminate flooring like Brazilian walnut hardwood flooring or bamboo flooring. Both these flooring are becoming increasing popular and they provide a great look without being too costly. You could also opt for ceramic, marble, linoleum or other tiles based on your style preference. All you need to be sure about is that you get good quality and a good price. Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=341082&ca=Home+Management

Home Flooring Options

Arranging and changing your home with different varieties of flooring materials can make it more beautiful and inviting. There are unlimited flooring options that you can select to provide your home that “perfect for all occasions” look. With a wide array of flooring materials to choose from, you certainly have limitless opportunities to doll up your abode. Hardwood flooring, cork flooring, bamboo flooring and laminate flooring each have one-of-a-kind attributes and unique benefits that will bring out the best in your home. • If you desire to add a nature-inspired type of flooring to your home, use bamboo flooring. Aside from its elegance, bamboo flooring is also known as a symbol of cleanliness. Bamboo flooring does not collect dust. Because of this, it does not require thorough maintenance and demands very little cleaning effort. Dirt and stains are easily removed from bamboo flooring if timely responded to. Since it is made from renewable resources, this type of flooring material can be harvested without damaging the bamboo plant population. As such, they are eco-friendly products. Because of its flexibility, bamboo flooring is often considered a more viable option than hardwood for covering surfaces. With a subtle exquisiteness, bamboo flooring will guarantee you enduring durability and beauty. Bamboo flooring offers an extensive range of styles and colors that’ll surely match your home theme. • Now, another nature-inspired type of floor is hardwood flooring. It dons similar characteristics to that of bamboo flooring but with subtle differences in design. Since hardwood is made of a completely different material, its patterns and designs are distinct to that of bamboo. Nevertheless, it offers the same durability. Hardwood flooring can be installed in areas of high traffic since it’s known to be resilient against stresses. It is also excellent for use where there is high humidity. It conveys an exceptional beauty and strength that’ll make your home stylish and versatile. The color, texture and design of real wood will introduce several possibilities for your home floor. As an added feature, hardwood flooring maintenance is also simple. • For busy residential and office spaces, the most suitable flooring material to use is cork flooring. Cork flooring is ideal for populated areas with heavy activities. It is the perfect solution for high traffic floor problems and damages. Made from raw materials that are harvested from cork oak trees, cork flooring also possesses the same natural charm as those of bamboo and hardwood. What’s advantageous about cork flooring is that it provides cushioning to the feet. With cork flooring, you will feel comfortable standing over a long period of time. Furthermore, cork flooring is also a good insulator. It provides that appreciable warmth under the heel. With high moisture resistance, insect repellant, antimicrobial and anti-static properties, cork flooring is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. You can actually create a fashion statement using cork flooring’s color variations. • Laminate flooring is a low-maintenance type of flooring material. It also offers an incredible versatility which makes it perfect for any part of the house. If you’re using laminate flooring in your home, then having a lot pets or kids will not be a problem anymore. Laminate flooring is pretty easy to clean up. And with its innate firmness and durability, you don’t have to spend so much on repairs if your kids or dogs have damaged its surface. Laminate flooring is virtually scratch resistant and can also withstand high traffic areas. If there are health issues in your home, laminate flooring can aptly aid by preventing allergens from accumulating. Laminate flooring is also moisture-resistant. It is easy to install and similarly easy to preserve. When it comes to choosing floors for your home, you have a variety of options to choose from; some can even reduce potential expenses. Pick a practical flooring material for your home. Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=399065&ca=Business+Management

Consider Commercial Flooring For Your Home

When choosing flooring for your home, many things must be considered including space, design, and budget. For high traffic areas commercial flooring, in particular, can hold up to the wear in tear experienced in modern homes. Luckily, commercial flooring has come a long way in look and texture and can actually fit quite nicely in a residential setting. Commercial flooring, traditionally used in public buildings that commonly withstand significant traffic, is a great alternative when considering residential flooring. Gone are the days of neutral and plain textured commercial flooring. Today’s choices include a variety of colors, materials, and textures that can transform the rooms in your home and offer long term durability when faced with considerable traffic. If you have children, commercial flooring can be particularly beneficial – enduring food, drink, and wear and tear suffered from constant abuse. Many homeowners choose commercial flooring when it comes to renovating hallways leading from a front door, family rooms where people spend most of their time, kitchens, and even bathrooms where high humidity and exposure to water can significantly challenge less durable flooring. Aside from its low cost, commercial flooring offers long term durability often far outlasting its residential counterparts. The material commonly used with modern commercial flooring includes linoleum, vinyl, and even hardwood flooring. Owners will find such flooring to be safer – holding up against spills and protecting those who walk on it from falls – and far easier to clean then less durable flooring. Since commercial flooring has gained popularity in modern residences, the design of such flooring has been elevated to a greater complexity. Much commercial flooring today is made to mimic stone, ceramic, and authentic hardwood – giving homeowners the look they want without the vulnerability that comes with traditional material. Commercial flooring is the wave of the present and future – offering consumers affordability, durability, and reduced maintenance; and transforming rooms with style and creativity. Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=161729&ca=Home+Management

What To Look For In Wood Flooring For Your Home

First decide if you want engineered or real wood flooring. Engineered flooring tends to be more durable as it is constructed similarly to plywood. The wood is layered so the grains run in different directions and then it is pressed together into a plank. Real wood is referred to as solid. These planks are made from one long piece of real wood. Solid is real, engineered has a tendency to look not quite real. Usually it is too shiny and has a slightly plastic sheen. Some types of solid hardwood flooring come prefinished. It is not terribly hard to finish a wood floor yourself, so unless you find exactly what you are looking for in a prefinish, you should consider applying your own finish. This way you get the sheen and coloring that you want to match the rest of your home. There are innumerable stains available and you can be sure to find the exact color perfect for your existing furniture and decor. There are multiple methods of installation as well. The method you use depends on the type of wood you end up choosing. You might need to nail down your wood floor. This means attaching the boards to the subfloor using flooring nails. Similarly, you might staple the floor down using a pneumatic stapler. Some engineered floors need to be glued down to the subfloor. For this you use a trowel and flooring adhesive. The easiest method is floating installation. The planks lock together using tongue and groove slots that are pre-cut into the wood. Some types of wood require that the boards be glued together others just click into place. Either way, this is the easiest type of installation to do yourself. So, when you start looking into wood flooring, think about the look you want to achieve, how much you want to spend, and who is going to do the installation. Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=55870&ca=Home+Management

Bamboo Flooring Will Make Your Home A Home

Bamboo might seem like a wood, but it actually belongs to the grass family and is one of the rapid growing species in the world. Bamboo flooring is now becoming common among many countries because of its diverse advantages. In view of the fact that bamboo is eco-friendly, it can adjust to the changing environments anywhere in the world. The special attribute of bamboo is that it can lower the intensity of light and can protect us from ultra violet rays. Hence bamboo can also be called as an atmospheric and soil purifier. Bamboo flooring could be found common in an average sparkling honey brown shade or in light tan normal shade. People nowadays are changing their hardwood flooring to bamboo flooring because of its attractive color, design and other price advantages. If you are a person interested in making your home to look natural, then bamboo flooring is the best and the cost effective choice. Bamboo floorings are available in different lengths and could be purchased either in the market or online. The dealers who are selling bamboo flooring these days are also giving option for you to select the best design to shape on your flooring. Since bamboos are flexible they are also used to make both aesthetic items and other pleasing decorative items that are environment friendly. Hence to prevent the increasing environmental issues bamboo floorings would be the ideal choices that are now available to decorate homes or business places. The days of using traditional hardwood flooring is becoming extinct nowadays, because of these bamboo floorings. Just like buying branded and durable bamboo flooring is vital, maintaining bamboo floorings is also very essential. Bamboo floorings don’t require frequent usage of polishers and other cleaning solutions like other hardwood floorings. In general, the color of the bamboo flooring is directly proportional to the amount of time required to process it. It is advisable not to install bamboo floorings, in bathrooms or in other areas of your home and office. Since these areas are prone to dampness, the bamboo flooring could be easily deformed or damaged. When buying bamboo floorings and hardwood floorings it could be witnessed in some cases that the bamboo floorings would cost less compared to other floorings. The labor cost can also be found almost the same. As the installation techniques are almost the same for hardwood flooring as well as bamboo flooring, it is relatively easy and it could be seen that most of the hardwood flooring installing experts have now started to install bamboo flooring too. Bamboo has become one of the hottest trends among Americans and European nowadays. Soon it is expected to become the common flooring across the globe. It has also started captivating the hearts of millions because of its beauty, durability and eco friendly nature. Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=79779&ca=Home+Management

Choosing Between Wood Flooring, Tile Flooring and Carpeted Flooring

Some people swear by wood flooring; others prefer the comfort and elegance of carpeting. In some cases – especially in bathrooms and kitchens – tiled flooring works best. Before making your decision, you should take the basic characteristics of each type of flooring into consideration. Furthermore, you should get a feel for the style possibilities that each type brings to the table. Review the following information to get a basic feel for what each type of flooring has to offer. The Elegance of Wood Flooring There’s no denying the elegance of hardwood floorings. Finding the right wood floor in Flemington can be tricky, though, since there is such a wide selection available. The first decision that needs to be made involves the type of wood. Do some research to figure out which type of wood is right for you. Budgetary constraints are going to come into play here, too; certain types of wood can be exorbitantly expensive. Remember to investigate the upkeep that’s involved in each type of wood, too. Patterning is another important aspect of buying a wood floor. Flemington flooring retailers are awash in many different possibilities. Strip or plank flooring is the most popular choice. However, many people prefer the richly textured design of parquet flooring. Again, the specific style that you choose is going to depend upon your unique preferences. The Practicality of Tile If you’re trying to choose flooring for a part of the house where water regularly comes into play, tile is a great option. It’s little wonder that tile flooring is often used in kitchens and bathrooms; it’s easy to clean and doesn’t absorb liquids. Purchasing tile floor in Hillsborough, NJ can be confusing. There are many things to take into consideration. You can take your pick from natural stone, porcelain or ceramic tile; you’ll also need to decide the grade of hardness that you’ll need. Remember to take your time when selecting tile floor. Hillsborough, NJ retailers offer a dizzying array of styles, colors, designs and options. In addition to ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles, you should consider topnotch options like agglomerate and terrazzo, too. These more costly options open up whole new worlds of style possibility, from highly polished and reflective styles to richly textured designs. High-traffic areas will require more durable tile; areas that aren’t highly frequented can make use of more delicate and ornate styles. The Plush Comfort of Carpet Few people would outfit a den or family room with tile; even when hardwood floors are used in such rooms, they are often enhanced with plush throw rugs. If wall-to-wall carpeting is your thing, you have a vast array of options at your disposal. The selection of carpet in Hillsborough, NJ is truly staggering. Different piles, patterns, textures and colors make it easy to achieve an utterly unique look in any room of the house. Don’t rush into choosing your carpet. Hillsborough, NJ stores boast incredible arrays of options. From the standpoint of style, you should zero in on the color or pattern that you like first. If comfort is your main concern, select the pile or material that is right before getting into more specific options. Mix and Match for Best Results The best way to achieve an eclectic interior design scheme is by using different types of flooring throughout the home. In one room, plush carpet from Hillsborough, NJ may do the trick; in another, striking wood floor from Flemington may prove to be just right. In your bathrooms and kitchen, though, stylish tile floor from Hillsborough, NJ could suit your needs perfectly. Take the time to find the right flooring for each room in your house; in the end, you’re bound to be dazzled by the results. Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=670825&ca=Business

Home Flooring: How to Get the Best Contractors For Your Michigan Home Flooring Project

Truly, flooring helps establish how any given place presents itself, no matter how big or small. That is why many property owners in Michigan look for only the best contractors for all their flooring repair and carpet installation in Westland MI and surrounding areas. But with different contractors offering the service you need, getting in touch with different contractors can get confusing and overwhelming. To make your life easier why not come up with a shortlist of qualified flooring contractors in Michigan or any areas near you. Let us look at some tips on how you can hire the best contractors for your home renovation needs. Search Online The easiest and fastest way to fill up your shortlist of carpet and flooring contractors is to sit in front of your computer and do online search. How exactly do you go about your search? First, make sure to take your time in browsing websites in detail and comparing each of them to others. Read and browse every page to learn about the company’s background and its history. See if the company or the owners are licensed and insured, study their firm’s past projects and if there are images that showcase their past works. Ask for referrals Whether it is a family member, a friend or a colleague, a referral or recommendation from them will really help you decide. Even your closest neighbour can help you with this. They would be able to recommend a reliable contractor specializing in floor installation or carpet repair in Westland MI and areas who is reliable to do the work. Make sure to ask about the contractor’s, work ethic, demeanour, responsiveness and reliability to the clients’ needs. Choosing the Best Contractor for Your Specific Needs After research and asking for referrals and recommendations, for sure you have your list of ideal contractors. From your list you should make a run down and choose the best that will fit to your floor installation and carpet repair project. Compare the three floor contractors based on some of your specific requirements. Once you are decided, contact the company and provide all the information of your requirements. Discuss your flooring project in more detail. Ask for FREE Estimates Many contractors and companies today offer FREE estimates. This is a good way to ready yourself financially and a good time to do comparison with your estimated quotes. But first you should be clear about what you need about your flooring project. Remember that it is to your advantage if you get a really good assessment for the work since you would not want the work to stop just because you are already going over budget. Write down the specific things you want to see on the project and give a copy to your chosen contractor. With this, you can compare the quotes. After discussing with your chosen contractor and finalizing the budget, your contractor is basically ready to begin work. On your part, make sure that you also have some days you can devote to checking the progress of the project. Keep track of the project schedule and always work with your flooring contractor in aiming for the project to be done right on time. Good luck with your flooring installation and carpet repair project in Michigan! Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=1917867&ca=Business

10 Laminate Flooring Installation Questions – Discover Hardwood Floor Solutions

A laminate flooring installation should fit extremely well into a busy household, where cleaning chores need to be simplified as much as possible. Provided that you follow the installation and maintenance instructions carefully, a laminate hardwood floor is likely to save you time, while adding elegance and style to your decor. Here are the answers to ten of the most frequently asked laminate flooring installation questions.

1. What Is Laminate Flooring And Can I Install It Myself?

If you have an affinity for real hardwood floors, but can’t afford them and prefer not to have the maintenance misery associated with them, you will love laminate flooring. The quality of these floors are now such that it is difficult to distinguish between real wood and laminates. The grains of the different woods are emulated to perfection, with texture and weathering thrown in as a bonus.

Laminate flooring planks consist of four or five fused layers. The base layer is normally reinforced with melamine. This is followed with the core of high density fiberboard, impregnated with sealing substances. Then there is the design layer, followed by the tough wear layer and an aluminum oxide finish. The planks are resistant to stains, fading, scuffing and water.

Innovative engineering has led to the development of glueless laminate flooring installations, popular among do it yourself enthusiasts. The planks have a tongue and groove design that simply click or snap together for an amazingly simple and quick installation. Although professional flooring contractors can be involved, this isn’t necessary. Even a novice can tackle this home remodeling task with confidence.

2. What Is An Expansion Space?

A laminate flooring installation is a floating floor that is not affixed to the sub-floor. These hardwood floors always contract and expand due to humidity and temperature changes. To make provision for these shifts, laminate floors are never installed with the planks fitting snugly against walls or cabinets. It is vital to leave a space right around the perimeter. If you neglect to do this, you will soon be confronted with a buckling floor.

Every manufacturer prescribes the exact expansion space needed for their particular product. You will be able to use spacers to ensure that this provision is accurate. The size of the floor you are tackling in your home improvement project, will also dictate the size of the expansion space. Make sure that you get this right if you want to retain the looks of your flooring.

3. Will I Be Able To Install Laminate Flooring In A Bathroom?

Many laminate flooring products are suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens, where there is always more of a moisture risk. Check with your supplier if you are unsure. The most important factor here is your diligence during the installation process. Every expansion space needs to be sealed perfectly with your caulking gun, to ensure that moisture can’t seep into the core of the flooring. Once this happens, you will have problems with buckling, warping and blistering.

In the case of bathroom and kitchen flooring, the recommendation usually also is to use glue in the joints. This will act as an additional sealant, helping to protect your flooring.

4. How Do I Finish The Areas Around Doorways?

All the manufacturers supply ranges of color-coordinated decorative moldings for use in doorways, for transitions between different flooring finishes, and around cabinets, basins or tubs. These make it straightforward to ensure that your flooring has a professional finish. In a doorway, you will install a T-molding.

5. Is It Safe To Install Laminate Flooring On Stairs?

A laminate flooring installation can be done on stairs. In this case however, you don’t need an underlayment. The flooring planks are adhered to the subfloor with glue. As a finish, stair noses are glued and nailed to the stairs. Just be very careful if you have been cleaning the flooring. Any dampness may cause the stairs to be extremely slippery.

6. What Is The AC Rating?

One of the most important aspects of a laminate hardwood floor installation, is matching the flooring to the traffic it will be bombarded with. Using a low quality, thin floor in a high traffic area will be disastrous. The AC Rating has been devised to help consumers when they have to make a buying decision.

The AC Rating of between 1 and 5 gives an indication of the suitability of the flooring planks for a particular area. In most residential situations, an AC Rating of 3 is high enough to ensure durability. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that a higher rating will give your flooring a longer life. While this may be the case, a higher rating also comes with a rougher surface texture that can be tough on bare feet and socks.

7. I Love A Tiled Look. Is There A Laminate Flooring Option For Me?

A fairly recent development in the laminate flooring installation industry, is the introduction of planks with an extremely authentic ceramic or stone tile appearance, complete with realistic grout lines. Just imagine getting the tiled look you adore, without any of the grout messes. No more cracking, moldy, discolored grout to spoil your hard work. Just a smooth, multi-hued tiled look clicked together within a day. This truly is a decorating and interior design dream come true.

8. Doesn’t Laminate Flooring Have A Plastic Look?

With the latest engineering, the days of plastic, fake-looking laminates are over. You will be amazed at the authenticity of the real wood or stone tile designs. Textures can be refined to be completely realistic. Planks are now beveled to come even closer to the real thing. In addition, weathering has been brought in to give that unique warm and rustic real hardwood appearance.

9. Do I Need To Acclimate My Laminate Flooring Planks?

Some manufacturers stipulate that the unopened boxes of flooring planks should be stored horizontally in the room where they will be installed, for a period of around 48 hours. This gives the planks a chance to acclimate. Your supplier should be able to give you the correct instructions. Alternatively, you can go to the manufacturer’s website for more information. Make sure that you allow for this period when you do your planning. Don’t rush into the installation. Follow the instructions to the letter if you don’t want to void your warranty.

10. What Do I Do If There Is A Nasty Scratch On My Floor?

One of the main benefits of a laminate flooring installation, is that you can repair minor mishaps with ease, and replace a whole section of flooring in the event of a serious calamity. It is always better to try and prevent scratches by using felt pads under furniture, keeping pet nails trimmed, and avoiding spiked shoes. Entrance rugs are also a good idea, as they catch some of the gravel and grit before it gets onto the flooring. If there are scratches, color-coordinated pens are available to make them less conspicuous.

For more noticeable scratches, a filling putty can be used. Neaten the edges of the area with a small, sharp knife. Fill it with putty, and smooth the surface gently with a plastic scraper. Wipe excess away with a damp cloth and your floor should be as good as new.

Follow the laminate flooring installation guidelines to the letter, give your flooring the tender loving care it deserves, and you will enjoy its good looks for years to come.